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Our Teachers

Chris Young

"Spider man" Composer

Dennis Sands

"Avengers" Mixing Engineer

Javier Navarrete

Oscar Nominated Composer

Other's who've taught at Cinematic Composing

Boby Fernandez

"Gran Torino" mixing engineer

Conrad Pope

"John Williams" Orchestrator

Blake Neely

Not enough space to list his credits! ;)

Marc’s Little Black Book of Sounds Library Resources............................................................... (Value: $297)

Marc’s Personal Orchestral TEMPLATES & Instructional Video............................................. (Value: $297)

Your first song - From Sketch to Orchestra 1-Hour CHALLENGE.......................................... (Value: $350)

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Marc’s Little Black Book of Sounds Library Resources 

(Value: $297)


Marc’s Personal Orchestral TEMPLATES & Instructional Video

(Value: $297)

Your first song - From Sketch to Orchestra 1-Hour CHALLENGE

(Value: $350)

Marc’s Score Analysis (12 scores) + Marc Recreating the “style/feeling” Step by Step

(Value: $1,200)

BONUS 1: Film Composer's Mixing Toolbox (Mix & Master Secrets)

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BONUS 2: Marc’s Personal Collection of Cinematic Composition Checklists

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Alex Clairenteau

It´s been 1 month since I signed up for the course and I have made a lot of progress in my composition, the explanation is very clear, good teacher. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make image music, film music, etc.

Wendy Kessel

I've been enrolled in Cinematic Composing for over 2 years and have done most of the courses they offer.They are all excellent and it's a great and supportive community of students and teachers. I highly recommend these to anyone seriously wanting to learn how to compose cinematic music.

Kris Saebo

I am a Juilliard (bachelors and masters) graduate and have taken film scoring courses in the past. Marc Jovani's Cinematic Composing courses are extremely well organized, very detailed, and thorough. His technique of instruction shows very clearly how to approach composing for film, helps with organizing your work-flow, and offers secrets into the process - all in a very down-to-earth way. Thank you Marc!
Francesco Menici
"The course is very interesting, detailed and professional! The lessons are very well structured and useful for both professionals and beginners. Marc Jovani convey great enthusiasm and helps to achives your goal.THANK YOU MARC!!! THANK YOU CINEMATIC COMPOSING!!
Borja Llàser Brieba
I started the course in May of 2020, and I only can say that I've learned more in two months than I the last 5 years by myself. Really happy to be part of the CC community. Thanks a lot
Yann Duez
Great team, great people, always want to get you high again and again.I'm really really happy to see positives things in this group and really proud of being here. From about last November(2020), I've progressed a lot. Thank you, guys. You're making my dreams come true. ❤

Michael Von Zahn

They are a Thousand courses out there, none of them are so inspiring,helpful, and enjoyable as cinematic composing! It’s worth every penny! Thank you for being a part of this big family🙂

Paulo Arruda

I'm enrolled in the Cinematic Composing course and I'm actually learning a lot. I didn't know Daw, so I emailed and was immediately advised. I know that this walk I'm taking in my studies, is very important, since we are in the digital age. I am a professional musician and knew very little about this subject. Thank you for enjoying this course

Nelson Sandoval

I've been quite impressed with the amount of knowledge and experience she'd by Mark in his courses.... truly  he has mastered his process and he invites us to learn and read the benefits of his experience.... I do hope to continue taking a few more courses ... and to speak up as much as I can....  I highly recommend Cinematic Composing to anyone who wants to get busy making orchestral music.... ❤

Nathan Price

I love each of these courses.. Marc teaches very clear and indepth about each topic and step.

Medhat Hanbali

Whether it’s a film, TV show, video game or music production, the information you will learn in this class is very valuable and will be useful for the rest of your career.

Steven Swartz

“These courses have been a fantastic experience thus far. I'm already learning more than I ever could. It's far superior than just searching for online tuts. This course is all a hit!.”

Alan Lorden

"If you’ve been looking for real world, workable answers and solutions on how to set up and structure an effective film composition recording and production environment this is the course for you. Film composer Marc Jovani cuts to the chase on setting up workable templating, the pros and cons of many popular sound libraries, best practices for mixing and mastering along with tips on how to handle the variety and complexity of requests you will encounter this business. Marc’s passion for film scoring is only surpassed by his desire to educate both aspiring and established composers to be the best and most competitive music professionals they can be."

David Ramos Martel

On the road to orchestral composition using virtual instruments, this is the best online course I found. It is clear, concise and practical. Of course, highly recommended. Also, from a countryman! regards

Sarvar Kaziev

I’ve learned a lot in such a short time.. It is easy to follow our great instructor Marc Jovani. He has a great experience and makes it possible for us to follow him into the magical world of composition. To my knowledge it’s one of the best remote courses out there.

Felipe Calábria Calani   

I´m very lucky to be here... thanks for all these videos !

Bryant Waner

I have been studying orchestration for years. Everything is comprehensive and the instructors respond quickly when asked questions. I will be signing up for more courses in the future!

Antón Cobelo Allegue

Gracias a este curso he encontrado la soltura que necesitaba para empezar a dominar la composición para orquesta.

Umberto Pisano

Explanations and videos are clear and to the point, and Mark is a great teacher and mentor. Great job guys! I would really recommend this course!

Gianmarco Fiaschi

In personal experience this is one of the best composition course around the internet... I like the way topics are explained with energy and passion!I really recommend this fantastic course.

Kevin Maher

I have started courses with Cinematic Composing, and I have already learned new techniques that I am already using in my music and I see many more to come. The materisl is consise, presented at a good pace, the instructors are great, the resources plentiful and the value makes it worth the investiment of time and money.

Minh Ho

The course is very comprehensive in different topics that a film composer need to know. Higly recommended course for any one who is interested in composing music for film

Pete Lämsä

For the first time I found Cinematic Composing website I knew inmediately that this is exactly what I've been looking for. I've learn so much, I'm so happy.Higly recommended course for any one who is interested in composing music for film

Josef Lindlbauer

Really amazing stuff for beginners. marc takes you by the hand, even tells you what sequencer, midi controllers and audio equipament best to use. Thanks you Marc for putting this out

Jed Atienza

This course is awesome and extremely helpful for all composers. It has helped me a lot with my compositions and gave me a better understanding of all instruments which helps me with my composition assignmetns for the "University of Sidney" I am truly grateful to Cinematic Composing.

Nazar Hadidian

Very informative courses doesn't matter how much do you know/familiar about instruments in general an explanation from the composers himself is setting your mind and focus in the rigth way

Ezra Brunelli

The course is very good and helpful, the information is so detailed it makes it so much easier to understand.

Patrick Collins

I love Marc's courses... I've found the course content comprehensive and his team are very helpful. I'm sure I'll sign up for more

Pan Chapata

I recommend it 100%. There is a clear before and after and for the better. The masterclasses are interesting and there is a lot of content and the community is always there to help you with whatever you need. I recommend it

Sergi Guasch Llorach

What I like the most about CC is the value that it gives you and all the learnings that you can get from top industry professionals!

Art Leiby

In Modern Harmony course, Tony takes you on a harmonic journey, beginning with the basic triads, to extended dominant progressions, pivot chords and modulations. What really impressed me was his knowledge. Whether you are a beginning student of harmony or have many years of experience you will find a wealth of information in this course that you can apply to your own writing.

Ryan Carrico

I'm so glad to have joined Marc in Cinematic Composing and was able to quickly get my little film scored using every last tip, trick, and tool in the fantasy music portion of the Film Music Cliches course. Thanks

Steve Nelson

I just wanted to drop a note and say how much I have gotten from the I’m A Composer course.Seeing Marc’s videos and hearing about the courses he has created kept my fire alive. The knowledge he shares is very motivating to me. Thanks Marc!

Art Leiby

I have been arranging and to a lesser extent composing music for 40 years, but I never considered myself a composer. About two months later, I decided to enroll in Cinematic Composing, and it has been fantastic. I feel that I have grown so much as a musician. Thank you so much Marc ant the team, you are incredible.

Fernando Torres

La verdad, cuando me enrolé en CC pensé que llevaría un curso. Luego vi lo que aporta el formar parte de esta comunidad de CC, y ahora este plus con las clases en vivo, sin duda sobrepasan la inversión hecha, por lo que se recibe en conjunto. Altamente recomendable. Gracias!

Lluis Martinez Ten

I'm enrolled in SVO and Orchestration courses and I love them! I'm a profesional musician and teacher. I find both courses very useful and well explained. I totally recomend it!

John Lortz

I’ve purchased both the Orchestration from Sketch to Orchestra and the Symphonic Virtual Orchestration courses from Marc. It’s also great how Marc makes himself available almost every week, through zoom chats where you can ask questions and see him work his magic. I highly recommend his courses to anyone interested in learning how to orchestrate, especially through digital means on the computer.

Micheal Kwasnicky

I am currently enrolled in the Orchestration: 1 From Sketch to Orchestra as well as the Film Music Cliches course and so far they are definitely worth it. Very detailed and informative and easily understandable for even a complete beginner with the use and explanation of theory vernacular. Fantastic courses. I will definitely be purchasing another in the near future.

Kevin Shah

I'm quite new to the orchestral sample library world, and the quality of instruction is amazing! 

Niklas Skyberg

I’ve been studying the Orchestration course for a couple of weeks, and I can highly recommend it! The orchestration course systematically covers the instruments of the orchestra, before teaching how to make them work together. Examples from known composers along the way. Will also highlight the worth of the Facebook group all cinematic composers students get access to. Great place to get answers to any questions related to composition, orchestration, daw, etc.

William Hoshal 

Either if you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, the Symphonic Virtual Orchestration course is a great place to build on that knowledge and continue learning about music production.

Raunak Barde

I've been composing music professionally for Videogames & Films since past 1.5 years after my graduation, but I really wanted to learn in-depth and this course is really helping me out. I personally think that it's a university level course delivered in an online form. 

Stephen Seltenrych

Someone recommended the Essential Composing Foundation course and I have found it to be excellent value. I now have plenty of techniques I can use to enhance my compositions, and the knowledge of how to express my musical ideas!

Roberto Comida

I found this course incredibly useful to improve the mix of my tracks.Great information, very inspirational and all very well explained. I would definitely recommend this to any cinematic/orchestral music producers.

Sebastián Acosta Moreno

Really happy to see how my music and sound are developing!! Keep the music flowing 😉 Thanks guys!

Issa Molina

Marc Jovani is a truly inspiring teacher. His course rekindled my interest in composing music. I highly recommend it

Pedro Correia

I purchased the cinematic composing course and i am loving it. It's very well structured and edited. The detail of information is very precise and useful. Marc it's an excellent teacher.

Rumaldo Holguin

 I've only been in Cinematic Composing for three days but I quickly learned this is not a tutorial course, this is a legitimate, high-level, in-depth class. It is still rich in tips and shortcuts to learn fast and be productive quickly. It feels like a real online college class and I really appreciate that.

Samuel Best

 It's been amazing! I just wrote my first track, the Love Theme. Starting by going through the libraries and general setup/workflow has been extremely helpful, and has allowed me to make a nice orchestral template in Logic that I've found extremely helpful in being creative.

Michael Holten

I have just started my first course and it really is excellent. I'm very pleased. Enjoy, I am sure you will.

Laurent le Magnific

I recently enrolled for the symphonic virtual orchestration course and I must say , it is excellent. This is what I was looking for ;get a practical knowledge and ready to go tips to work with my libraries. I am at the beginning of the course and it's great !

Jocelyn Virgil Quesne

Courtesy, professionalism, enriching

Mark Warda

I wholeheartedly recommend Cinematic Composing!You get the personalized support of Marc Jovani and a growing community of fellow students just like you through a private Facebook group and live chats over the web!

Thibault Le Meur

I'm very happy to recommend this course. I'm a hobbyist, but I was looking for a serious, yet practical approach. I've already enrolled in several other courses about music composition but they didn't completely meet my needs being either too theoretical or, on the opposite, too superficial.Here at Cinematic composing, I find the perfect balance of just enough theory and a lot of practical topics. 

Tomáš Prorokk Kováčik

Everything about a film music with a lot of bonuses and free stuff in one place is a great opportunity. Thank you

Dennis Kim

The courses get to the point without dribble, and without sacrificing clarity or understandability. The accompanying videos are great as visual references to what is being discussed, so one can learn both by watching the videos, and for going over detail, referring to the text instead of scrolling back over the videos. Very efficient and professional courses! 

Noah Marconi

I'm happy with the content so far.Seeing video examples especially of scores is really helpful.

Mike Zubiena

 Very detailed and explained very well. I use a lot of Marc's techniques shown in the videos.

Dan Goodchild

Marc is an excellent educator and musician. Very patient and knowlegable. The chats we have are the icing, the perfect articulation to enhance the melody and harmony of this excellent environment. 

Sheng-Hsiung Hsu

I have been composing cinematic music for 15 years. It still gives me much useful information. The course is extremely organized, clear and thorough. I love this course very much. This is the program not only for emerging but also for professional composers. I recommend Cinematic Composing to everyone.

Stuart Sweeney

The material is excellent, well laid out & presented, and I found Marc to be a great tutor. The fact that he gives lifetime access to the chats too, I mean, come on!

Arturo Albero

I like the courses very much, because it explains very well and very detailed how to write specific music.

Medhat Hanbali

I took several of the Cinematic Composing courses and I highly recommend them. The classes are very well structured in order to cover all the essentials and are taught by working composers.

Sakis Petropoulos 

Deciding to take this course as an addition to a contemporary media composer's arsenal is one of the best decision one can make.

Antonio De La Hera

I began my journey with Cinematic Composing a year ago and I cannot be happier about having made that decision. 

Hugo Crego Fernandez

I joined in 2017 and I’ve been studying all the content since then. Marc's instruction videos are clear, to the point, and I specially love that he shares everything he knows with everybody without barriers.

Thomas Rhea

Within the first week, I could tell a noticeable difference in the way my music was sounding. My mixes were cleaner, bigger, wider…more professional. .

Turner Horton

These courses have helped me step my game up in learning Midi synthestration and orchestration. You get video feedback on projects and can reach out to these guys whenever you need help. I highly recommend this course!

Eduard DB

Cinematic composing is the best school of film music. There are several reason I say that:- you can attend your classes anywhere, anytime, in your own rhytm - it's a full community: you have chats, videos, people to ask everything - it's for life... If you want to recap something you'll always find it there -every chat that you have lost is archived in chat section I learned everything I know from Marc and his team. Cinematic composing is the best school of film music.

Roy Westad

If you are on the lookout for a great course on film scoring, look no further. All killer, no filler here. Highly recommended!

Rich McCoull

If I'd had this 10 years ago it would have saved me so much time. There are techniques in here that I simply haven't seen in the tutorials you find on YouTube. It's all geared towards practical real world applications. That's really important for me.

Fernando Augusto Andreo Antón

I got in love with the Cinematic Composing courses, it has so deep and easy understanding explanations and it has great results in your music 😃 I totally recommend the Cinematic Composing courses 

Matteo Spedicato

 It's my first experience with Cinematic Composing and I have to say it has been really great!

Max Bazzana

I write and compose music and songs mainly for theater performances. I find the courses very practical, direct and clear. Above all, they are already helping me to create a model of work that I did not know, step by step

Colja Belgium

The Cinematic Composing trainings offer a lot of value and insights, they are high quality and provided by people who work professionally in film music composing

Arabella Rodriguez

I joined in 2017, so I have been studying with Cinematic Composing for about a year. I absolutely love it. 

Sam Lowry

I can only say "Wahouuuu!!!" . The content is very well organized, very consistent and very well detailed. They go in depth on the different topics of both orchestration and film composition.I recommend the Cinematic composing courses.

Nicolas Garcia 

The courses are great. Marc give us great knowledge, He really know how to make great samples mockups. He shares with us all his knowledge and his tricks and tips.Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

Daniel Stadler

I joined different courses and all of them are amazing. Learned a lot!

Nacho Moya 

I am enrolled in 4 courses from Cinematic Composing. The content is awesome, very useful for any level from beginner to advance.

Wesley Wkl

I joined to Cinematic Composing in 2017, I really learned a lot from there. The information are all clear and useful.I highly recommend the courses to all of you!

Anthony de Souza

I’ve been fortunate enough to be here studying and growing since the beginning, and wow, just an amazing group of individuals and instructors. You’ll receive the right tools and expertise to thrive in composing and the music biz. A+

Kenny Febrian Sugianto

Recently I joined to Cinematic Composing. I have been searched for so long and never find courses like these. I learned a lot. These courses are recommended !!.

Francesco Menici

Cinematic Composing is perfect for students and professional musicians.A journey into film music. ¡¡¡¡Thanks CC for these courses!!!!

Nick Bulavin

Marc is really good at delivering the information and stressing the really important aspects. If you're just starting out in the field of cinematic medial composition or want to improve your existing skills - take the courses!

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